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Analysing Spatial Relationships through the Urban Cadastre of Nineteenth-Century Rome

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Urban history and urban cartography are closely linked. The analysis of spatial relationships through cartography enables a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of studied phenomena, and thus can be a valuable support to urban historians. In this context, the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century cadastres represent a fertile ground for experimentation in the quantitative analysis of urban space.

The explicit relationships between the descriptive data of the cadastral registers and cadastral maps facilitate the computerization of this historical source and the construction of the spatial database. This article illustrates the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and geostatistical methods applied to urban historical studies, focusing on the analysis of socio-economic information retrieved from the Pio-Gregorian cadastre of Rome, from 1818 to 1824.

  • Autori: Lelo K.
  • Anno: 2020
  • Editore: Urban History
  • Ambito: Storia Urbana
  • Tipologia: Journal Articles
  • Stato: Open Source
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