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Patrimonio Culturale, Storia UrbanaEdited Books

The future of an idea: the museum of the city as a laboratory for urban history

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In: Calabi D. (a cura di) Built city, designed city, virtual city. The museum of the city, pp. 57-78.

This short essay presents an example of integration between 19th and 20th century archival sources aimed at an in-depth reconstruction of the evolution of architecture, property development and urban structure in one building block (‘isolato’) in the Rione Treviover the period between the final phase of the Church’s temporal power and the first few decades of Rome as capital of the Kingdom of Italy. We see this as an opportunity to describe the characteristics of certain types of documentary sources which have been considered fundamental for the reconstruction of the urban landscape of the 19th and 20th centuries and for an understanding of the transforma-tions it has undergone.

  • Autori: Lelo K., Stemperini G., Travaglini C.M.
  • Anno: 2013
  • Editore: Croma - University Roma Tre
  • Ambito: Patrimonio Culturale, Storia Urbana
  • Tipologia: Edited Books
  • Stato:
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